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Sentence Structure

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Hey! Today we'll look at a group of common writing mistakes that all fall under the umbrella of Sentence Structure.

With terms dependent and independent clauses, fragments, run-ons, comma splices and fused sentences, this grammar topic can sound overwhelming. These videos will help clarify these concepts.

First, browse some of the resources. They are organized from basic, to more advanced. Remember to pause difficult videos and take notes as needed.

Independent vs Dependent Clauses

FANBOYS and How to use commas with transition words

Fixing Comma Splices:


Run-ons/Fused Sentences

Run-ons/Fused Sentences

Now, practice these concepts

with this QUIZIZZ game.

Finally, practice applying everything you’ve learned:

1st CREATE an example for each of these terms:

1. fragment

2. comma splice 3. run-on/fused sentence

2nd CORRECT each of the mistakes in your examples.

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