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Create a VIDEO recommendation about one of your classmate.


Create a job posting, and then create a video resume telling us why you would be the best person for the job.


You applied for job and received a call back for a job interview.

Ask a spouse/partner/friend to be the employer that you are having the job interview with. Since this is a job interview both applicants and employers need to dress business professional. Minimum of 5 Interview questions


Create a video describing the 5 qualities you think an employee should have

For each quality: You must create a video –showing what the quality is and why employee should have it


I think that the best job in the world is__________________.

Create a video and tell us what the BEST job is.

Describe your qualities

Summer 2020 Final Video Project


Student had to choose from one of the topics below and create a video and document their process.


1. Let The Dancing Begin!

Imagine you are entering the 2020 Tik Tok Dance Challenge.  Select a song and design dance moves and teach a parent/child/sibling/partner/spouse your dance.

Be sure to include: step by step process to designing & teaching your dance moves.

2. Jingle All The Way

Think about an item or product in your home that has been unexpectedly useful while you have been stuck at home. Write a jingle that could be used in a commercial to advertise the benefits of this random item or product.

*Bonus: If you play an instrument, compose a musical score!

3. Create A School Review

Create a video for a school review that will help other students make a more informed choice about which school is right for them.

 Describe your experience at The Learning Institute of Texas.

4. The Perfect Job

Create a help-wanted advertisement using CANVA.

 With your CANVA, create a help-wanted video advertisement.

 In the video be sure to include:

  1. Name of the job:

  2. What qualities are needed:

  3. Experience needed:

  4. Education needed:

  5. What is the schedule like?

  6. What is the salary like?

  7. Other information about the job:

5. Dear Teacher…

Create video letter to a former teacher at The Learning Institute of Texas about your experience with them.

Describe what you have learned being in his/her class.

Explain what it meant being in his/her class-your experience, the teacher’s attitude towards the class, and teacher’s commitment to teaching.

Would you recommend this teacher to someone else?


Choose a problem that people have when they move to a new country, for example:

• meeting people

• finding an apartment

• finding a job

Create a page for a brochure that would provide helpful information for newcomers to the United States.

7. The Perfect Playlist

Compile a playlist for your current mood.  Your playlist must have a minimum of 10 songs.  Give your playlist a name, describe the overall vibe of your playlist and explain why you selected each of these specific songs.

8. Design an Electronic Product…

You are part of a design team for an electronic company. You will design an electronic product and think of a name for it.

Create a video ad about your electronic product you designed and convince us to buy it.

Be sure to include:

  1. Type of product

  2. Name of product

  3. Special features

  4. Price

  5. Warranty

9. Hometown friend…

Imagine you have a friend from the United States that is thinking of visiting your country. Describe your hometown to your friend.

What will his/her experience be like? Transportation? Food?

 Be creative in explaining your country-


*Bonus: If you are wearing a costume from your country

Video must be at least 8 minutes

Goal: The goal of the assignment is your overall understanding of this course and putting in everyday life skills. 

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