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The Color Vowel Chart

For many students, learning English can be difficult. One of the primary reasons for this is because English is a composite of many different linguistic influences. As a result of this vast range of influences, the English language comprises many different sounds. Although there are only 5 vowels in English (6 if you include the letter 'y'), there are actually 15 different sounds that are made with these vowels. To make matters worse, sometimes a letter or letter grouping in English can even have more than one sound depending on the word. For example, the 'o' in home is different from the 'o' in 'top', and the 'ough' in 'though' is a different sound than the 'ough' in 'cough', 'rough', and 'through'. However, there are tools that can help simplify the complications of English.

The Color Vowel Chart is a useful tool that breaks down English phonics into respective colors. The sound of each color corresponds to one of the 15 vowel sounds of English. If you wish to better master English vowel sounds, you start practicing them with this chart. Once you learn to recognize and produce the sounds on your own, you shall soon see both your speaking and listening improve. Best of luck!

The Color Vowel Chart

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